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The Vaults

The Vaults Centre for Artistic Production is a space for creative work in the centre of Moscow.


Mon — Thu, 10:00 — 19:00,
Fri, 10:00 — 17:45

Bolotnaya Emb., 15
Yandex, Google

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The Vaults gives the opportunity for artists, designers, architects, musicians and members of other creative professions to work on their projects in four workshops, and also in silk printing, photography, audio and video studios—both on their own and with the assistance of our technical specialists. In the work process, authors may expand the boundaries of their projects, inspired by the possibilities that our equipment provides: for example, a ceramic artist may use a 3D printer to print prototypes from plastic, a musician may make a new instrument from wood and metal, and a choreographer may create a performance with a robot. Here artists work both individually and in groups.

The Vaults is open to everyone, not just professionals: we regularly hold master classes on ceramics, textiles, 3D printing, and photo printing. Additionally, you can come to the Vaults for a mediation tour and see everything with your own eyes.

In September 2023, we launched Photo Basis, the special programme for photographers and artists who use photography in their practice.

If you wish to work at Vaults there are two ways of doing so: the ColLab programme and the Friends of the Vaults programme.

Residents of the ColLab programme may use the Vaults equipment over a half-year period, receiving all the necessary materials and the technical support of professional masters. To become a programme participant, send an application for the Open Call which will be next held in 2024.

Friends of the Vaults is a programme for realizing one project in one month at one workshop. Participants may use the equipment and work on their projects with assistance from our experts (participants must bring their own materials). Application to the membership programme is always open.

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