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ColLab is a permanent programme at the workshops of the Vaults Centre for Artistic Production.


Every half year we invite designers, artists, architects, musicians, cinematographers and representatives of other creative professions to realize their projects at our workshops. Participants of ColLab can use any equipment at the Vaults and receive assistance from our specialists.

Programme participants can work on any equipment at the Vaults, use all the necessary materials as part of the grant programme and technical support of specialists, and also try out their efforts in collective production.

Materials: up to 500 000 Rub
Number of projects: up to ten
Duration: six months

The 2023 Open Call has ended

Photo by Gleb Leonov

How to apply

To participate in the programme, you must wait for the next Open Call (announced every half year). Both individual and group applications are accepted. They are examined by experts and V–A–C curators.

Selection criteria:

– Convincing artistic statement

– Original project concept

– Detailed conceptual and technical elaboration of the project

– Technical justification of using the Vaults equipment for project realization

– Possibility of realizing project in several workshops

– Possibility of independent work on the Vaults equipment

– Experience and/or competence in the field of technology that the author plans to use in the project

– Possibility of completing the entire project or a specific stage at Vaults during the period of the ColLab programme

– Readiness to participate in the GES-2 public programme (presentations, pitches, workshops, discussions etc.)

Photo: Anya Todich

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