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The GES-2 artist residency programme was established for exchanging professional experience and knowledge in the field of contemporary visual art, dance, choreography, theatre and experimental music. Its flexible format helps to broaden the national cultural geography and establish connections with other cities and countries, supporting diversity of artistic practices and research methods.


Katya Shirshkova
Fighting the Spirit of Heaviness
Photo by Anya Todich

Ksenia Burmistrova
Wishful Machines
Photo by Anya Todich

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The residency gives creative professionals the opportunity to live and work in the centre of Moscow, to immerse themselves in the cultural environment of a big city, and to discover the local communities and artistic institutions.

Participants will gain experience of project work at the House of Culture, make use of the Vaults workshops and other GES-2 spaces, and also receive assistance from professionals and consult with V–A–C curators.

At the end of the residency, the participant may present organizers with the results of their research, and propose a concept of a new project or artwork for display at the House of Culture.

Up to two cycles of the programme are held every year, and four people may participate in them at the same time. Participants are selected in an open call. The final selection is made by the V–A–C curators and artistic manager. The next selection will be made in the autumn of 2024.

Anna Garafeeva
Rock Garden
Photo by Anya Todich

Duration of residency

For artists working in the field of contemporary audiovisual art, performance, theatre, dance, choreography, music, and also in the sphere of socially involved art (work with communities)—up to 90 days.

For curators and researchers—up to 45 days.

Participation conditions

– You are aged 18 or over.

– You are a citizen of the Russian Federation.

– You live outside the Moscow Oblast.

– You have experience of project work in the field of audiovisual art, performance, theatre, choreography, music, socially involved art, or curator studies.

Participants receive:

– a scholarship;

– payment of transport expenses for the return trip to Moscow;

– free accommodation in a separate studio (the option of living with family members is discussed on an individual basis);

– financial support of project or study, payment of materials used;

– access to workshops of the Vaults Centre for Artistic Production;

– consultations with curators and technical specialists at GES-2, and also assistance in organizing meetings with outside experts (on request);

– opportunity to attend events of the House of Culture and partner institutions.

Anna Pospelova and Nadezhda Bakhshieva
Birch √0
Photos by Anya Todich, Ruslan Shavaleev

Residency stages

Participation in the programme is divided into two stages:

1. Initial preparation of the project, writing a technical or research brief, determining the budget for the preparation period.

2. Developing the project: forming a general concept, budget and exhibition plan, conducting rehearsals, making draft sketches and other necessary information for the report presentation.

The decision on public display of the participant’s project will be made after the residency ends. Timeframes of production and display dates are discussed separately.

The GES-2 Residency
All photos by Anya Todich

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