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GES-2 House of Culture is a research platform for V–A–C Foundation. Our field of interest reaches beyond contemporary art to incorporate all kinds of cultural and social phenomena.


Our theoretical, artistic, and curatorial inquiries are often aimed at overcoming disciplinary limitations. V–A–C Foundation and GES-2 support and develop different research models, both the usual archival and analytical ones, and those that involve lesser known methods of knowledge production—narrative, performative, fictional, participatory, sonic, spatial and others.

This interdisciplinary approach allows for new entry points into conventional and controversial narratives to emerge, and for these narratives to be brought into dialogue through a variety of formats. The result is exhibition, educational, performative, theatrical, publishing and other projects, which in turn often become objects of study themselves.

Our work also involves meta-studies—analyses of the very principles of knowledge production in the sphere of art and culture: of a certain time period or transhistorically, in specific geographical and institutional spaces, at their intersection and in the links between them. Our task is to comprehend both established and new artistic practices, to form a framework for their analysis, and to support and develop a professional community of contemporary cultural researchers.

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