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Friends of the Vaults

Friends of the Vaults is a permanent membership programme of the workshops at the Vaults Centre for Artistic Production. It involves work on one project in one month in one main workshop.


Designers, artists, architects, musicians, cinematographers and representatives of other creative professions, whom we call friends of the Vaults, receive the opportunity to realize a small project quickly, using the equipment of the workshop and the assistance of our specialists. You will need to bring your own materials.

Duration: one month

The Friends of the Vaults programme will interest authors whose creative plans may be implemented over a short time frame or whose projects are almost ready and only require the finishing touches. This is a wonderful platform for experiments with new materials and technologies, and also for getting to grips with new equipment.

To participate in the programme, make an application which will be examined by experts and V–A–C curators. Both individual and group applications are accepted. Professional experience is not essential: the main thing is that the project is interesting and technically suitable for realization at Vaults.

Copyright to the works by participants of the friends of the Vaults programme belong to their creators. The works may be used in V–A–C projects with the authors’ agreement.

Applications are examined every two weeks.

List of workshops at the Vaults Centre for Artistic Production participating in the programme:

Metal workshop
Wood workshop
3D printing
Textile workshop
Ceramics workshop
Printmaking studio
Photo laboratory
Composing room

All photos by Anya Todich

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