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Lyudmila Frost — graduated from the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University (Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics). Worked as the director of the ART MOSCOW and non/fiction fairs, executive director of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and the Innovation prize, and general producer of the Art-Ovrag urban art festival. Has participated in launching several exhibition venues in Moscow.


Olga Druzhinina — PhD in art studies, historian of art and design. Curator of exhibitions, author of books and articles on Russian and foreign design. Has worked at the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and the Moscow Museum of Design.



Olga Balabanova — graduated from the Stroganov Academy. Specialist in the theory and history of design and arts and crafts. A practising photographer, runs a Telegram channel on pictorial photography. At the Vaults, she is responsible for the Friends of the Vaults Club, Students at the Vaults and Practicum programmes. Also involved in the creation of the GES-2 audio guides.


Anna Agafonova — cultural specialist by education. Previously worked at the Institute of Russian Realist Art. At the Vaults, she is responsible for the ColLab programme and the regular Vaults: A2 print publication, as well as special projects. When the Vaults were being launched, she participated in designing and launching the workshops.


Olga Kvasova — graduated from the International Relations faculty of St. Petersburg State University. Worked at the Independent Media publishing house for over 10 years. Takes a keen interest in cinema and contemporary art. At the Vaults, she meets residents and guests, deals with paperwork and is in charge of the library and shop.

Technical specialist

Dmitry Polyakov — certified technical engineer, electrician, specialist in metalworking and woodworking. Has worked at a secret scientific laboratory, in manufacture and in construction. At the Vaults, he is responsible for comprehensive technical support for projects realized at the workshops. He services equipment, assists in selecting materials and developing technical documentation.

Junior technical specialist

Artur Kodochigov — graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod Art Academy specializing in design, and from the Baza Institute. Worked in carpentry, ceramic and restoration workshops. At the Vaults, provides technical support for artistic projects and assists technical specialists.

Procurement specialist

Eduard Saginashvili — professional lawyer, has worked on tenders and contracts. In 2017 began to work at an artistic workshop and become seriously involved in contemporary art. Completed a course in New Artistic Strategies at the Institute of Contemporary Art, and worked as a manager at the GUM-Red-Line contemporary art gallery. At the Vaults, he is responsible for purchase of all materials, tools and equipment required for the workshops.


Master in Textiles

Inna Alexeeva — graduated from the South Russian State University of Economics and Service with a degree in costume design. Participant and winner of fashion design contests. Worked as a costume designer on Channel One. At The Vaults, she helps visitors of the textile workshop to use the equipment, implement their ideas, model, design and sew to unique sketches.

Video engineer

Mikhail Bodukhin — graduated from the Faculty of information and computer technology at Yaroslavl State University, worked as a web applications programmer, then moved into video production. Studied at Moscow Film School, worked as a film editor and cameraman. At the Vaults, Mikhail assists video artists in the shooting and post-production, and is also involved in audio/video studio projects.

Sound engineer

Alexander Bodyakovsky — graduated from the Irkutsk branch of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), specialising in theatre and audio-visual equipment. Worked as a sound engineer at the Spin Music Service rental company. Was involved in equipping the GES-2 House of Culture with multimedia systems as an engineer of the NELT System Integration multimedia company. At the Vaults Audio/Video Studio, Alexander is in charge of technical and creative assistance to artists, musicians and composers.

Senior sound engineer

Maxim Ignatyev — plays guitar, bass guitar and drums. Completed a course in producing electronic music with Ableton Live, the DJ Expert course at the Action DJ Academy, and also a course in studio sound production under Alexei Khaiminov at Musicheads school. Also completed a course in music industry management at the RMA business school. At Vaults studio, he is responsible for the recording preparation process, recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

Master in metal crafts, CNC machines and 3D printers

Sergey Kalinin — graduated from the National Nuclear Research University (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute). Headed an experimental workshop at Rosatom Corporation. In the Vault workshops, Sergei helps visitors with 3D scanning and 3D printing, as well as working with metal and other materials with hand tools or on machine tools.

Printmaking master

Artemiy Kulyomin — master of Arts graduate from the HSE University Art and Design School. Experienced in different types of printmaking. He has worked with silkscreen printing in the projects of contemporary artists at the Piranesi LAB experimental printing laboratory. At The Vaults, Artemiy helps visitors with everything related to silkscreen, etching and other types of hand printing.

Head of the Photo Lab

Andrey Shagin — graduated from Polygraphic College No. 56 as a photographer. Worked as a photoprinting technician at ITAR-TASS Agency (1991-2001), then moved to a private photo laboratory to dedicate more time to creative photoprinting. At the Vaults, he helps visitors print analogue black-and-white and colour photographs.

Textile and ceramics master

Natalia Tsygankova — graduated from Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts specialising in textile design, and later took advanced training courses in pottery and studied jacquard manufacture in Istanbul. She has participated in many contests and exhibitions, and has worked as an interior designer and taffeted carpet designer. At the Vaults, Natalia helps artists with loom work, and also works in the ceramics workshop.

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