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A mediated tour typically involves a visit to an exhibition, a walk around the GES-2 House of Culture building, and a discussion of what one sees with the mediator. We talk about artistic and curatorial concepts, share personal opinions, form opinions and resolve their contradictions. What is most important to us in these interactions is comprehensive involvement and openness to dialogue.


Thematic tours are not necessarily connected to exhibitions, and often include experimental approaches. We appeal to body oriented, vocal and research practices, active listening and writing. Sometimes our meetings resemble a practical lesson, sometimes a game, other times wandering.

Our tours for families with children create an open space for interaction between participants of different ages, based on the concept of Family Learning, in which a child and supportive adult learn from each other.

Mediated tours are held every day. We adapt them for people with disabilities, regularly hold them in Russian Sign Language and organise joint tours for neurodivergent people.

What is Family Learning? 


Registration is required for participation.

A tour lasts 1–2 hours.
A group consists of 8–10 people.

Tours are available in Russian and English (by prior request).

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