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Permanent programme of workshops at The Vaults Centre for Artistic Production. Every year we invite designers, artists, architects, musicians and filmmakers to become Vaults’ residents and implement their projects in our workshops. They can also try their hand at collaborative production.

ColLab participants can use any of the Vaults’ equipment; they are provided with all the materials they need.

Grant for materials: up to 500 000 Rub

Scholarship: not provided

Number of participants: up to 10 people

How to apply

To apply for participation in the ColLab programme, you must wait for the next Open Call, register and send us information about yourself, as well as an essay and a sketch of the project you would like to implement in the Vaults workshops.

The V–A–C expert committee will select up to 10 programme participants from the applicants.

The selection criteria are: experimental field of research, originality of the project and feasibility of implementation using Vaults’ equipment.

The ColLab programme does not cover travel or living expenses for participants from other cities.

The copyright for the works produced in the course of ColLab belongs to its creators. Works may be used in V–A–C projects with the consent of the authors.

Friends of the Vaults

Grant for materials: not provided

Scholarship: not provided

Number of participants: up to 100 people

This is a membership programme for creative professionals designed to admit 50–100 people per year. The aim of the Friends of the Vaults is to provide a wide circle of creative specialists with a place to put their ideas into practice with the help of the high-tech professional equipment available at the Vaults.

Once their application is approved, the member of Friends of the Vaults is given access to all the workshop equipment with no time restrictions. They can bring any necessary supplies with them.

The duration of membership depends on the time required to realise the proposed project.

Grants for the implementation of members’ projects are not provided.

Specialists working at the Vaults will be happy to help members to bring their projects to life.

Friends of the Vaults can admit up to 100 people every year.

How to apply

Applications for membership in Friends of the Vaults will be accepted in the same way as for ColLab: the applicant will need to leave information about their professional experience on the GES-2 website and send an essay with a sketch of the work they want to produce in the workshops. Applications will be accepted on a regular basis. 

Selection criteria: quality and relevance of the project to the overall vision of GES-2, possibility of realising the project in the Workshops, readiness to spend up to 7 hours a week in the Vaults. 

Friends of the Vaults will be able to come to the venue with their own materials. The selection of participants is conducted by the V–A–C curators. 

The Vaults masters will assist Friends in realising their projects on Vaults' equipment.

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