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The GES-2 Architecture. School Tour

4 Sep 2023–28 Jun 2024
Age restrictions

Study the history and architecture of GES-2 with our educators.


An interactive group tour and a workshop for primary, middle and high school students. The educator guide the class through the entire space of GES-2, discusses the background and history of the powerplant on Bolotnaya Embankment which was completed in 1907, the architectural features of the building, and how the reconstruction project by Renzo Piano Building Workshop was created and made reality.

Photo: Gleb Leonov

The script for the lesson was developed by the Drakonoproekt team.

An educational project for children, teenagers, and adults, which gives participants the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of the mundane and free their imagination, using architecture as a source of inspiration.

Script authors

Anastasia Rychkova — team leader and script co-author. Architect, co-founder of the Druzhba architectural office, partner of the Drakonoproekt project, head, author and curator of educational programmes. Specialist in the field of planning public spaces and buildings, and collaborative design. Participant of international architectural seminars and competitions. Curated and conducted workshops and an annual course for teenagers at MARCH Architecture School, the “Garazhane” course in architectural theory at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, and the workshop "Black Holes of the City"as part of the Open City festival (2021).

Ksenia Guznova — curator and script coauthor. Architect, founder of EYE EYE studio, programme curator of the Drakonoproekt project. Specialist in the field of collaborative design and designing public and exhibition spaces. Participant of the Architektory.rf educational programme. Curated and conducted the “Garazhane” course on architectural theory at the Garazh Museum of Contemporary Art.

Evgenia Sablina — script coauthor. Architect at the Bureau Druzhba, author and programme leader of the Drakonoproekt project. Author of a course of academic drawing at the SHAR architecturе school, and individual educational programmes for children aged 7–15.

Ekaterina Shornikova — script coauthor. Architect, partner of the Drakonoproekt project, author and curator of educational programmes; conducted intensive courses and a course for teenagers at MARCH Architecture School. Specialist on designing residential and public buildings and city planning, head architect at Reserve Creative Union.

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