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Threads of Fate, Charts of History

25 Apr–28 Jul 2024
Age restrictions

An exhibition dedicated to the idea of fate and the mythology associated with it.



Fate acts as an external force, it surpasses man and is not subject to man’s authority. This said, the unpredictability and inexplicability of fate coexist with the interrelation of phenomena and universal regularity. In the mythologies of different cultures, fate acts as the guardian of universal order and equilibrium on a scale incomprehensible to man. In  Threads of Fate, Charts of History, interpretation is of greater importance than predetermined plots—as in a myth, what you see in the exhibition is what you were intended to see.

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Fate can serve to explain or justify events in human lives. However, by associating itself with higher powers and outside causes, mankind finds itself confronted with the question of how choices are made and to what extent free will can be said to exist. How should we behave in the face of fate—humbly take its blows or, like the heroes of myths, seek to challenge it?

Mythologies that address the notion of fate are founded on a particular conception of time and man’s place within it. Mythological time is cyclical. Each ensuing twist repeats the one that preceded it and at the same time differs from it—in the same way that days and years differ from one another. Mythological heroes exist at once in and outside time. The changes to human life that come with every new era renew these connections in time and tighten the threads that run between reality and mythology. But to what extent are the historical events and phenomena that stand before humankind in the form of fate repeatable or explainable?

The works featured in this exhibition explore various facets of the concept of fate. The view of fate proposed by each artist is different, but their works are united by a shared interest in both the ways in which mythological categories persist today and in what they can tell us about ourselves. The works of Lyudmila Baronina, Katya Isaeva, Rodion Kitaev, and Mayana Nasybullova are distinguished by an attempt to see the world in the present moment. They explore the directions that can be taken by fate and the coordinates according to which we can attempt to understand it—in doing so, they address the earthly and the cosmic, the natural and the artificial, free will, freedom of choice, and predetermination.

Photo: Daniil Annenkov


Lyudmila Baronina — Katya Isaeva — Rodion Kitaev — Mayana Nasybullova

Elena Yaichnikova

Sasha Kim

Ksenia Kosaya

Sasha Chistova, Maria Pogodina

Technical production
Andrey Belov, Artem Kanifatov, Maxim Lapshin, Mikhail Sarkisyants

Art logistics and registration
Daria Krivtsova, Ekaterina Narkizova

Accessibility and inclusion curators
Vlad Kolesnikov, Vera Zamyslova

The exhibition is organised in collaboration with

Museum of the Academy of Arts
Private archive of Boris Vorobyev’s family
State Darwin Museum

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