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Visitor Guidelines

– Water and soft drinks in plastic bottles or lidded cups with a volume of no more than one litre may be brought into the Playhouse. Food is not permitted in the Playhouse.

– Once a film-screening, performance, or other event has begun, any photography or video-recording is forbidden. We ask that you turn off your mobile phones and do not turn them on until the end of the event.

– Baby strollers may be used everywhere in the House of Culture except the Playhouse. Strollers can be left at the dedicated parking located to the left of the main entrance under the stairs leading from the Square to the Library.

– Please leave your outerwear at the cloakroom if you plan on visiting the Playhouse.

– A free-seating policy is in operation at film screenings. If you arrive late for a screening, please choose a seat that can be taken without disturbing other viewers.

– Certain cinema screenings are only suitable for spectators over 18. In such cases, we may ask to see a document confirming your age.

– Spectators who are late for a performance, concert, or other show may not be allowed to enter the Playhouse until the intermission.

GES-2 Visiting Regulations 

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